Our Story



As a former basketball player at the University of Dayton, I understand the nutritional requirements and time constraints of a collegiate athlete. I created Pegasus Protein because I was always searching for the perfect protein powder and was never able to find one that suited my needs. And thus, Pegasus was born - an all natural protein powder that is easily digestible, plant based, anti-inflammatory, and without any added sugars or artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. 


On our basketball team, a constant challenge was finding food that all of the players wanted to eat while still adhering to our nutritional needs. We had a few picky eaters, plus tastes and preferences from all around the country (and world), but there was one item that everyone on the team loved and became part of our pre-game ritual. I formulated Pegasus flavors based on this iconic food - PB&Js. 


Besides tasting good, our powders have also been carefully formulated to provide macronutrients ideal for optimum muscle recovery, energy, and performance. Additionally, our philosophy is to get away from the unhealthy preference for ultra sweet foods. Our protein is sweetened only with berries, which makes it mildly sweet and flavorful with fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants. As an added benefit of omitting “no calorie” sweeteners like stevia or monk fruit, our powders do not feature the signature unpleasant aftertaste and bitterness and none of the potential negative side effects associated.  


Athletes are often short on time and running from one commitment to another. While in college, I constantly had to weigh the convenience of a powdered or bottled protein drink with the drawback of a long list of substandard ingredients. My solution was often to make myself a protein shake with real wholesome ingredients, and taking it to go, which was time consuming and did not travel well. Pegasus Protein powders contain the taste and benefit of a shake with none of the fuss. They can be mixed easily with water right after practice or used in a blender later with other ingredients for added calories and nutrients. 


I am confident that you will love and benefit from our protein and encourage any feedback. If you want to be the best, you have to have the best.


Thank you,

Nick Haldes

Founder & CEO